Crystal Asige on Sauti SOL
Crystal Asige.

Crystal Asige, who used to be a signee, has sued members of the band Sauti Sol, saying that they broke their contract.

Ms. Asige would want the court to order the musicians to reveal how much money they have made from the 2019 popular songs Lenga, Extravaganza, Ukiwa Mbali, Intro, and Favourite Song.

At the same time, Asige is requesting that the court order Sauti Sol to pay her for the losses she has sustained.

She is also asking for orders that they give her any and all license information about the songs she has a problem with.

Crystal Asige has filed a lawsuit against Sol Generation Records Limited, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Kenya, Bien-Aime Baraza, Polycarp Otieno, Willis Chimano, and Delvin Mudigi.

Hit songs like "Short and Sweet," "Melanin," and "Extravaganza" are just a few of Sauti Sol's many accomplishments in the music industry.

Asige says in the papers she sent to the court that, even though she can't see well, she is a composer, singer, and producer.

She says that Baraza approached her sometime in 2018 when she was living in Mombasa and asked her to join Sol Records so that she could write and produce a song for the label.

She claims that she was the only member of the label who was both female and disabled at the time it was created.

"While under the first defendant's record label, the plaintiff co-composed and performed on the widely known recordings "Extravaganza" and "Ukiwa Mbali" together with the second to fifth defendants, and her then label mates, professionally known as Bensoul, Nviiri the Story Teller, and the group Kaskazini in 2019, and her contribution was credited as such," she claims in her lawsuit. "Extravaganza" and "Ukiwa Mbali"

Asige also says that Bensoul's song "Favourite Song," which came out in 2019, was arranged by her and that she sang backup vocals on it.

She claims that she was the composer of her own sound track named "Lenga," which was supposedly made available only on KLM's Facebook page. She says that she was not told about the business deal between the airline and Sol Generation.

In addition, the plaintiff's "original composition was taken from her and recorded as the sound recording titled 'Intro' and featured in the second to the fifth defendant's latest studio album titled "Midnight Train" without the plaintiff's knowledge or consent and released in June 2020 on the worldwide digital streaming platforms and social media and she was accredited as co-author of said song," according to the court papers that were filed by Mwakireti and Asige Advocates on behalf of Asige's client.

She says that when the video for the song Extravaganza came out, Bien-Aime came up to her and asked her to sign a full recording deal because of how popular the song Extravaganza was.

"The plaintiff conveyed her misgivings about the aforementioned agreement with the first defendant and wanted to talk and negotiate the particulars," she alleges. "The plaintiff also requested to discuss and negotiate the terms of the aforementioned agreement."

According to Asige, they never got together to negotiate anything.

She continues by saying that "on November 7, 2019, the plaintiff was invited to a meeting with the second defendant (Bien-Aime), Natasha Qubu (the first defendant's manager), and Moriasi Omambia (the first defendant's legal manager and shareholder) and informed that the first defendant (Sol Generation) no longer wanted to continue with the plaintiff at the label, initially citing that the first defendant was "flat broke" with no resources to keep her."

She claims that at the meeting it was decided that she would preserve complete master recording rights for Lenga. This is something that she asserts was discussed. Asige says that she has copyright in all of these areas because she wrote, composed, co-produced, and performed the hit song.

According to the plaintiff's allegations, she was advised that the first respondent would be receiving a big financial deposit from the sixth defendant (KLM) for the use of her Lenga song. This amount was roughly five million Kenyan shillings.

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