Kitale businessman who died refuse to be buried photo
Kitale CBD.


On Kenyatta Street in the Central Business District (CBD) of Kitale, operations were forced to stop when a Mercedes-Benz hearse transporting the remains of a renowned business person became stuck and would not move. This attracted a significant number of individuals who came to see the peculiar incident.

An informant said that the incident occurred for more than thirty minutes, during which time many people were surprised to see the odd occurrence.

The body of the dead person was then moved from the fancy German car to a simple Toyota Hilux hearse, and the funeral procession, which was led by a Salvation Army band, continued.

"We are whirling in astonishment because we have never witnessed anything even somewhat like what has happened in our community before. An eyewitness said, "sometimes we observe similar things on TV stations and occasionally we listen to them on the radio."

According to Philemon Simotwo, a businessman in Kitale, it is unknown why the black Benz that was being driven by a funeral services company broke down. This information was provided by Simotwo.


"I am still perplexed as to why the hearse pulled over here in the Central Business District of Kitale."

 "The hearse had travelled all the way from the mortuary, and as it was about to arrive at the company premises of the late businessman, it simply refused to move," Simotwo added. The hearse had been unable to move because it had travelled all the way from the morgue.

An M-Pesa operator named Ken Mutai said that there was no intrigue involved and that it was likely that the Benz had some mechanical issues.

"I don't want to accept what some people are claiming, that the deceased person was adamant about not having their corpse carried home.


According to Mutai, "What occurred is not weird to me since there is a potential that there was a technical malfunction."

An older Bukusu person shared their perspective on the event based on their culture.

"The body may have continued to refuse to be taken home, but perhaps since the person who was responsible for his death was within the vicinity, or that some of his wishes had not been satisfied; perhaps the person who died did not want to be carried on an expensive model, or he did not want to arrive home early," he said.

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