Digital Taxi applications drivers protest on the street on strike ove high commissions

Due to what they see as non-compliance with the transportation system business they work for, drivers using Digital Taxi applications have gone on strike and protested.

The drivers held peaceful protests at the Nairobi Greenpark terminal to get the Ministry of Transportation and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to solve their problems.

Similar protests were held in Mombasa and other important cities. The operators criticized the transportation network companies for giving discounts to passengers and begged them to lower commission fees from the current high of 25–30% to 16%.

Cab booking apps have not fulfilled their obligations to limit commission paid to drivers, which was to start on September 20, 2022, according to Justin Nyaga, the Chairperson of the Organization of Online Drivers.

Transport businesses were given 14 days by the NTSA to register and generate working contracts with drivers, but nothing has happened as of yet.

Regarding the cab booking applications, the regulators have not taken any action.

The go-slow would affect how Uber, Bolt, Little Cab, Yego, Maramoja, and other apps for booking taxis handle transportation.

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