Ambrose Rachier Freemason involment angers Gor fans

Gor Mahia fans have informed the police that they are staging nonviolent protests against the club's chairman, Ambrose Rachier, who recently admitted to being a member of the Freemason secret society.

K'Ogalo supporters informed the Nairobi regional police commander of their plans to demonstrate in a letter dated October 11, 2022, via Judith Anyango.

The letter states that on October 13, 2022, club fans plan to stage nonviolent protests.

At 11 a.m., the protest paraded at Uhuru Park.

Gor Mahia supporters regret that Ambrose Rachier, the club's chairman, made K'Ogalo feel mocked and humiliated by the public when he openly admitted that he belonged to the feared Freemason secret society.

Gor supporter Judith Anyango said, "Gor Mahia FC is not part of Mr Rachier in his freemasonry journey and we would like to strongly denounce his continuous relationship with the club after making such an admission that caused us so much scorn and public shame."

Rachier told NTV in an interview that he was a member of the secretive group of Freemasons.

The lawyer spoke out about his experiences with the hidden cult after he was exposed to it in 1994 by two of his pals.

Contrary to popular belief, he said that the oath-bound community did not practice human sacrifice.

Rachier made an effort to make it clear that the organization, which was initially only for males, was also not connected to Satanism or any other type of devil worship.

"There is no such thing as a family sacrifice, despite what I've heard from some. It is widely practised around the globe, "he stated

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