On Sunday, Mombasa County traffic police struggled to maintain control over the flow of traffic. A lady of Indian descent stripped in front of a large crowd at the bustling and well-known Digo Road junction.

The Indian lady made the choice to happily consume a pack of cigarettes and her bottle of beer while sitting unclothed at the crocodile sculpture situated at the digo roundabout in Mombasa CBD.

The fact that the lady seemed unfazed by the situation caught the attention of other drivers and bystanders. This caused a bottleneck in traffic.

Mombasa traffic that caused by a lady sitting at crocodile sculpture without clothes

A traffic bottleneck ensued on the main route, necessitating the assistance of traffic police and county administration askaris. The time it took to clear the congestion was hours.

"In order to indulge in a pack of cigarettes and her drink, a lady of Indian descent made the decision to sit undressed on the crocodile statue at the Digo Road roundabout in Mombasa CBD." A tweet from a K24TV digital sub-editor said that the police and Mombasa traffic marshals had to work for hours to clear the traffic jam. 

The lady is said to be from a prominent Mombasa Businessman and she spent some time with a man outside her home before being busted by family members.

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