Joshua Kimanzi Lingi, shoew trader charged for beating his ex-wife after eloping with his neighbour


Joshua Kimanzi Lingi charged for beating his ex-wife after eloping with his neighbour

 A shoe salesman was charged by a court in Nairobi after he was said to have gotten into a fight with his divorced wife.

According to reports, Joshua Kimanzi Lingi did the deed after his ex-wife LMN left him for another guy.

The Standard reported that Lingi attacked LMN while she was doing laundry on the ground floor of the Mathare North apartment block.

After neighbors heard LMN's calls for help, he seized her and choked her before stealing her cell phone.

LMN's phone was shattered on the steps before leaving the area, so her efforts to retrieve it were unsuccessful.

It is estimated that the cell phone is worth Ksh 28,461.

According to the report, "LMN stated she was on the ground level of the residential building doing laundry at approximately 11 a.m. on the fateful day when her estranged spouse jumped on her from behind, then seized and choked her."

After the event, LMN informed the police, who then detained Lingi for his actions.
Lingi denied the accusations when he went to court. He said that LMN destroyed the phone before putting the blame on him.

Additionally, he disclosed to the court that LMN broke up with him and fled with another guy.

In addition, Lingi begged the court to be forgiving of him since he has been supporting his children who are not in his care.

In anticipation of a hearing on January 19, 2023, he was freed on Ksh 20,000 bail.



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