Karangu Muraya photo with Actress

Following internet allegations that he had an affair with actress Nyambu Ithaga, pastor Karangu Muraya is upset.

Karangu wa Muraya, a philanthropist, just got a trip to Dubai paid for by a sponsor, but his happiness didn't last long. He was soon at the centre of a scandal when it was said that he had dated a local celebrity named Nyambu Ithaga.

A well-known blogger named Martha Mwihaki Hinga says that Karangu and Nyambu have been dating. She also says that he brought her with him to Dubai even though he was married.

When Mwihaki posted the article, the internet went crazy. People accused the minister of lying and the attractive influencer of making trouble in people's homes.

Karangu and Nyambu both fought back and refuted the allegations. Why did you have a tendency to be so sour? In a distressing Facebook live video, Karangu asked, "What is it that I did to you? Why don't you cheer for me today?"

Even God knows I'm here alone, so be a man and come face me. I had enough money to invite a guest; in fact, I could have paid for my wife to join me, but I wanted some alone time," he sobbed from Dubai.

Karangu Muraya exposed

Mombasa is home to Nyambu. Later, he joined Nyambu, and the two of them made another video in which they requested that the user known as Mwihaki wa Hinga come and get evidence from her.

 "Mtaaambia nini watu? Tell wa uhondo Iam in Mombasa to come to Mombasa and collect evidence," said Nyambu. 

Nyambu said that her supervisor had urged her to try to clear her identity online. "Does Dubai have an ocean?" She remarked that you basically want to martyr people for no reason in Dubai, which is a desert with an ocean.

Nyambu was also said to have left Dubai earlier, but she denied this and said she couldn't leave Dubai to make other people happy.

"Someone is talking about us," Nyambu remarked. "Imagine me going out and you going out and someone is talking about us.

"Even if they don't know you, people speak about you. Even if they don't know you, an adult will offend someone, "Karangu stated.

"We may have thick skins, but what about our loved ones? Put yourselves in our position," she said.

"My Other Shujaa" Karangu has insisted that he won't be silent any longer and has warned those spreading rumours not to stop since the last time they did so, his wife almost fell into a depressive episode.

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