Noti Flow with his girlfriend King Alami photo

Noti Flow's sick ex-girlfriend left her a letter, which she has since posted.

About a week before, on October 22, it was said online that Noti Flow's ex-girlfriend, King Alami, had jumped off a seven-story building on Thika Road.

Noti Flow posted a picture of a message Alami had written to her, in which she described her as an intellectual, enthusiastic, courageous, kind, and giving man.

Noti Flow with his girlfriend King Alami photo

"I simply want you to know that you are courageous, strong, smart, passionate, kind, and giving in case anything occurs and we are not together. You contribute a lot to everyone around you, and while there are moments when you feel weak or unbalanced, you are really far more powerful than you realize. "You motivate me every day," she wrote.

She said that everyone has been dull since the two of them began dating and that she is always hilarious, even when the two of them disagree. She goes on to state that she will continue to adore her till the day she passes away.

" Until I cease living, I will always love you. Sincerely, I adore you, and the mere thought of you makes my heart sing. We belong to each other, so I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You have my whole being," she confirmed.

She continued by telling her that she was the love of her life and that she would love her till the day she passed away. She also said that she wanted her to be the last person she saw before passing away.

"I am very grateful for what we have and will have. I would only ever want to spend my life with you. I do not even want to consider what it would be like if we were to lose each other. I could never conceive what it would be like. I just want to consider you. "You are my life's love," she said.

Noti Flow with his girlfriend King Alami photo

The incident that resulted in Alami's being hospitalized has not been disclosed, and the investigation is now being handled by the police. All that is known is that they fell from a building.

The two lovers are claimed to have broken up before the encounter, but it seems that the event is ushering in a new stage of their relationship.

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