Miguna Miguna in the coutry back in Kenya
Miguna Miguna

A troubled lawyer Miguna Miguna, who was deported to Canada last year, is scheduled to land on Thursday, October 20, at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).



Eric Ondiek, the lawyer's oldest brother, gave a general overview of what he had planned and said that everyone in Kenya, especially his family and the people in the county where he was born, Kisumu, were looking forward to his arrival.



Ondiek noticed that his family had already made plans for him to be picked up at the airport and taken straight to his home town when he arrived.


Miguna said he would go directly to the village when he got to Nairobi. Ondiek said, "There are a number of family occasions he missed, such as the deaths of family members he would have wanted to commemorate."

He also discussed how the family felt helpless as a result of Miguna's deportation and the inability for her to go to Kenya.


"I appreciate the president allowing my brother to return. When one of our own was said to not be a Kenyan, we experienced great anguish, "added Ondiek.


Ondiek was happy to see Miguna again, which showed that his family knew where he was going because the exiled attorney kept in touch with them.

"When he informed us that he might return, we were ecstatic. The red alarms were turned off, and he was given a passport. " The brother stated, "He informed us he would take the aircraft on Wednesday, October 19, and arrive on Thursday."

Also, people in the town of Ahero in Kisumu County said the same things as Ondiek and were happy to see the lawyer back home.

They also praised the President for letting Miguna come to Kenya and for getting rid of the red warnings.

"Rule of law, bravery, tenacity, and concentration have won out. Miguna had said before, "I thought I would get there on October 20 at 6 a.m."

In keeping with the Head of State's commitment to let him return once elected President, Miguna had made it clear he would only go to Kenya once Ruto had been sworn in as the country's fifth president.

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