Kipchumba Murkomen is now the Cabinet Secretary for Transportation.

Kipchumba Murkomen is now the Cabinet Secretary for Transport. Oburu Odinga, a senator from Siaya, congratulated him on the job.

Oburu said that he was a great senator, even though he had not worked with him in the Senate. He also said that he had learned about his accomplishments while serving in the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA).

But he told Murkomen that he should keep all of his promises and not worry about politics and elections.

"I want to implore Hon. Murkomen to carry out his campaign promises. I hope, Hon. Murkomen, you will provide services to the people and put elections out of your mind, as he has stated that he will not be partisan in serving the people of Kenya. Now that the elections are done, it's time to go to work and keep every promise you made to the Kenyan people. "

"If you do that, we won't trick you; instead, we'll watch over you to make sure you stay true to your commitments," explained Oburu.

The newly elected senator also objected to Kenya Kwanza's practice of "snatching" opposition figures. He told the new CS to talk to the team and tell them to stop bringing people from the other side over to their side because it makes the other side stronger.

" Please speak to those who are still inciting partisanship by luring supporters away from our side and convincing them to join yours by claiming they are attempting to weaken the opposition."

Oburu says that they decided not to shake hands and that they would rather have a strong opposition watch over the government.

Just before submitting his resignation, Murkomen noted that leaving the senate, which he had called "home" for the previous ten years, was difficult for him.
I'm thinking a lot right now. It's challenging to leave the Senate. For the past ten years, it has been my home, " he wrote on Twitter.

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