trevor ombija club samaki samaki clash

People say on social media that Trevor Ombija supports loud clubs like Samaki Samaki after he told homeowners to think twice about soundproofing their homes.

Trevor Ombija said, "We should soundproof our homes so that his bar can continue polluting our neighborhoods."

Fans deconstructed him and roasted him on social media.

One from Twitter said, " The funniest thing about the Samaki Samaki saga is how my friends park their cars in my compound and walk across when they can’t find parking inside the establishment, yet I’m vindictive towards them. There is so much I could say here to show how outrageous these accusations are, but mustn't. "

" Trevor Ombija is wild for real, because I have friends living around that Samaki Samaki/Bar Next Door area who have been complaining for ages to NEMA without reprieve. Residential groups have tried everything. People have resorted to moving out and selling their apartments."

Rober Alai said, "I wonder how Royal Media still has Trevor on their screens. Such an insult to viewers and the people of Kilimani and Kileleshwa, which also host RMS HQ."

"So Trevor Ombija is an intern at Samaki Samaki and a certain chick wanted women to make their boyfriends burglarproof so that the DPP could withdraw all their corruption cases from the money they spent on ubers, " Alai added.

"Pole sana, ma. It gets worse. I saw @TrevorOmbija somewhere saying you were going after him because he didn't give you a landscaping gig Bars should not be in residential areas. This is not a debate," said Ciku Muiruri.

Alai was being petty. Stick to the issues. Trevor is a journalist, and a good one at that. He has no bearing on Samaki Samaki issue. Don't get high on your own supply because you are dealing with an issue that resonates and you think it gives you license to over-reach your remit

"So Trevor Ombija's sponyo/mistress took an Uber worth 290 to soundproof Emma Too's bedroom so that a pupil can play loud music at Samaki Samaki before serving a bundle of documents to a corporate client so that Twitter influencers do not push Nigerian gigs, " another added.


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