Shapeless!! Diamond Platnumz's brother Rommy slams Zuchu
Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu and his brother Jones

On Instagram, Rommy Jones, the brother of Diamond Platnumz, and Zuchu just engaged in some funny bickering.

Diamond Platnumz and Rommy Jones, who are blood cousins but who grew up as brothers together, address each other as such.

Jones serves as the singer's official DJ and is also Wasafi's vice president. Along with acting, he directs musical productions for Wasafi Media.

Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu and his brother Jones

Zuchu's current social media posts were dealt with by Jones, who called her "shapeless," which stirred mixed reactions online.

He posted on Instagram, saying, "Shape ndo huna mwaya," which means, "You don't have a shape, my dear."

Diamond Platnumz with Romy Jones. In an extraordinary fit, the cousin of the Tanzanian singer called out Zuchu.

Zuchu responded to him by writing, "Equally hot fire."

"Na mdogo wako ndio anapenda hivyo kaka."
(That way, buddy, is how your younger brother prefers it.)

The conversation between the "in-laws" fascinated Tanzanians, who acknowledged it by conveying their enthusiasm.

Romy typically keeps up fantastic relationships with the ladies he's seeing with his brother, so it makes sense that he and Zuchu have such a strong friendship.

There have been long-running romance rumours involving Diamond and Zuchu.

Zuchu photo recently captured in Tanzania

Their public activities indicate there is more going on than just business, even though they have yet to admit it. 

Diamond recently said that he was ready to get married after seeing a close friend out on a date with his two wives.

Diamond, though, has been hinting that he was prepared to settle down all these years, without ever making an obligation.

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