Vera Sidika new look after surgery

Vera Sidika is a model on Instagram, a businesswoman, and a former beauty queen. She has talked about how she had to have reconstructive surgery to undo body enhancement surgery she had done in the past.

Vera has now given up on everything, and she wrote on Instagram about how hard it was for her to keep the plastic body in place.

Vera has said in a video sent to her 2.2 million Instagram followers that she should not have had her body surgically enhanced and that several 'health concerns and difficulties' forced her to have repair surgery.

Vera Sidika new look after surgery

"Rebirth: This has been the most difficult time in my life. I had to get surgery because of hazards to my health and other issues. Even if it's still hard to believe, I've learned to love myself. God loves me so much. I'm lucky to still be alive."

Vera also admitted that her health problems prevented her from attending her 2022 anniversary celebrations. She told other women not to think about doing it, and she thanked God and her husband for being there for her the whole time.

" In all honesty, it hasn't been easy. Even though my birthday wasn't even observed this year, here we are. To me, happy birthday! I now value life and don't take anything for granted. I'm grateful for my family's support, particularly my husband, "she composed.

While posting a photo, Vera made a pledge to her followers and any women thinking about getting cosmetic surgery.

" For people who have been considering undergoing booty surgery or changing anything about their bodies, I will be putting my journey's films here. This may cause you to reconsider, "she wrote in the lengthy post's caption.

After appearing in the P-Unit music video for the song "You Guy," Vera Sidika became well-known.

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