Gladys Chania, from a teacher, political to primary suspect of her husband George Mwangi
Gladys Chania 

Gladys Chania, a politician who ran hard for the Kiambu Woman Representative seat but lost the last election, was detained as the main suspect in the murder of her husband, George Mwangi.

After learning that the father of their three children was having an affair with another woman, Gladys is said to have planned her husband's murder.

A two-part story put together by the DCI Communications team says that the widow of the dead man is suspected of helping a recently hired casual worker and other people commit the cold-blooded murder.

On September 13, George Mwangi, a contractor from Rwanda, came back to the country. The person who died was a successful businessman who owned real estate. He was married to the main suspect for more than 20 years, and they had three children together.

Gladys Chania, from a teacher, political to primary suspect of her husband George Mwangi

The lady would devote most of her time to their Thika house, while Mwangi would stay at the lavish 5-bedroom Mang'u property whenever he was in the nation. It seemed that their relationship was having trouble.

The departed was visiting a friend when he ran across a lady named Lucy Muthoni, who was seeking a rental home. Their connection evolved from that of a landlord and tenant to one akin to Romeo and Juliet when he gave him one of his rental homes close to his home.

Every time the deceased went home, he was seen with the woman at local entertainment venues and other social events. This showed that their relationship was no longer a secret. Some family members told detectives that the deceased had told his family that Lucy was his second wife and that everyone in the family knew her.

Lucy had escorted the dead to a family gathering in Kimunyu on the tragic day of the murder when the primary suspect was also present. After the event, they reportedly drove back to Mang'u with Lucy behind the wheel of the deceased's double-cab truck with the license plate KBY 849M.

Lucy Muthoni, the George Mwangi lover and second wife
Lucy Muthoni

She arrived, parked her car, and went home, while the deceased went to his residence. When the two entered the residence, the primary suspect had already entered earlier. The deceased was last seen alive at that point, and it wasn't until sceptical day labourers in the tea plantations of Kiamunyeki discovered his rotting remains in the Kieni forest.

When he failed to contact her at the scheduled time, Lucy called two of his friends to call him on her behalf and remind him that it was time. However, the friends were told by the primary suspect that the deceased had gone for a walk and left his phone behind, according to Lucy, who told detectives that they had agreed to go on a date the following day. When the deceased's wife was there, Lucy decided not to contact him since she had once severely reprimanded him.

Lucy Muthoni, the George Mwangi lover and second wife

Gladys Chania, the main suspect, says that the deceased left the house on foot at 10 a.m. on Sunday and never came back. She reported him missing at the Mwea Police station at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, September 11.

Eyewitness accounts claimed to have observed a lady drive the deceased's car near Kiamunyaka centre on the day she filed her complaint, where the car's flat tire was patched. The lady requested instructions from Naivasha, followed by the directions, the technician who repaired the tire claimed, and then she took off.

Another eyewitness, who works at a tea collecting location in Kiamunyaka, recalled seeing a pick-up vehicle travelling quickly with a load sticking out the rear at about 3 o'clock. Her bags seemed to be falling off the car, so she waved them down and requested the driver to slow down. However, the automobile drove in the direction of Kieni Forest, where the corpse was found the next day wrapped in black polythene under a stack of boxes and empty cement bags. The primary suspect called the police as a missing person at approximately 8 o'clock after the corpse was discarded.

Lucy Muthoni, the George Mwangi lover and second wife

The investigators looking into the horrifying murder also discovered that the widow had recruited Morris Kamau as a replacement for John Mwangi, who had worked at the residence for four years, on the day of the murder after he reportedly failed to return after being instructed to deposit some money on Mpesa. His whereabouts are still a mystery.

On the day the deceased's corpse was found, the recently recruited employee, who is also a suspect in the murder, informed authorities that he had been requested by the primary suspect to help her lift a heavy cargo that was intended for the airport to the rear cabin of the truck.

Gladys Chania was operating the late husband's pickup vehicle when she was apprehended by police yesterday night while it was travelling in the direction of the Kieni forest. Blood stains were discovered on the truck's cabin floor, along with empty cement bags and manila ropes that matched those found covering the deceased at the site.

After carrying out a comprehensive forensic investigation of the house today, detectives from the Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau, Homicide department, Forensic Crime Scene and Photographic units have determined that George Mwangi was brutally killed in his bedroom on the upper floor of his home before his body was dumped at Kieni Forest.

Investigators from the DCI National Forensic Laboratory took a lot of evidence from the scene, including blood-stained metal rods, blood-soaked bed linens, stained drapes, and damaged clothes.

Three individuals who have so far been linked to the murder are in police custody and helping authorities with their inquiries.

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