Vera Sidika butt is natural not cosmetic surgery

Vera Sidika, a former Kenyan socialite who is now a rapper, has said many times that her huge hips and booty are real.

The 33-year-old mother of one said during a radio talk show on October 14 that she has never had surgery to enhance her hips or butt.

However, Vera acknowledged that her teeth and boobs are artificial.

She said that she paid a shocking $60,000 (about Ksh7.3 million) to get plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, California, in the United States.

"My teeth and boobs were both done, but my hips and butt are genuine. I spent $60,000 (Ksh7.3 million) on it, "explained Vera.

Vera previously said in a question and answer session that she decided on the implants to give her body more proportion since she used to be heavy and had a flat chest.

Vera Sidika butt is natural not cosmetic surgery


"I lacked proportion..."


" I basically chose to be proportionate and added my boobs since I used to be heavy but not proportionate."


"The good news is that I can stop wearing bras. I paid $20,000 for it in Beverly Hills. They are absolutely excellent, "she added.

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