Vera Sidika butt surgery story

Vera Sidika, a socialite, has retaliated against internet haters who called her out for "seeking clout" with a fake butt operation.

The mother of one slammed the people who said she was "misleading" people with her comments about butt surgery in a series of Instagram stories to her more than 2 million followers. Other people expressed sympathy for the women who had come forward to say they had canceled their appointments to change their bodies.

"I raised awareness about various butt operations' implications, but I never requested that anybody postpone their visits. Your ideas, your body. You make the decision as to what you want to do with it; I'm not liable for what occurs," she composed.

"If you're hoping for my booty to truly materialize, you'll have to wait forever since it's authentic and comes from western Kenya! You may deposit it in a bank. I wouldn't have started that conversation if my ass was a phony.However, it's nice to know who you are and to see your genuine colors, "she composed.

The socialite insisted that her booty was genuine and warned her admirers to refrain from posting about their private lives online since it would probably backfire.

Vear Sidika butt surgery video


"Whether you're in poor health or taking your last breath. Never make yourself known, since nobody cares about you. Go ahead and quietly pass away. They will make fun of you and laugh, hastening your demise. People like seeing others fail, "she said.

Vera responded to detractors by saying: "Thank God my ass is genuine because some of y'all would be fasting and praying for it to transform into a reality."

Vera's comments come just one day after her fans criticized her for saying she had butt surgery when it turned out that she hadn't.

This came about when the stunning singer, who had claimed to have had surgery, released a brand-new song named "Popstar." Immediately after its publication, several online users criticized her.



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