Mount Longonot volcano erupts today video

At Mt. Longonot, the supposedly extinct volcano, inactive volcanic mountain has begun to erupt.

In May 2012, experts had different ideas about how likely it was that the volcano would blow its top.

Some people say that the dormant Mt. Longonot will soon erupt, while others say that the problem with the fault line was due to the heavy rain that has been falling heavily in the area.

As they fought, the 5 km fault line from Mt. Longonot spread to the nearby Naivasha-Mai Mahiu road.

Pauline Wambui of Huruma camp said that after the rain stopped, there was a shaking that went on for about ten seconds.

Mount Longonot volcano erupts today video and photos

"We believed it to be an earthquake. But then everything abruptly returned to normal, only for the dam, the trees, and some of the farm to vanish the next morning, " according to Wambui.

After what happened, the government of the late Mwai Kibaki put together a task force led by Binsai Chepsongoi and told it to look into what happened and give a report within two weeks.

A fault line had reached the Jikaze IDPs camp, according to the team, which included representatives from several ministries and had toured the impacted areas.

Chepsongoi said, "We've found that there's a fault line under the Jikaze camp, so we need to move the IDPs who live there right away."

Experts concluded that the fault, which was spreading, was not at an alarming rate.

However, Chepsongoi was quick to point out that there is no need for concern and has urged the IDPs to work with the government on the resettlement scheme.

The volcanic mountain erupted on Thursday, October 27, 2022, at about 11 p.m. People watching the eruption of the aforementioned dormant volcanic mountain were on the slopes.

"Recently, there have been earthquakes or tremors here. The cause was then revealed to us today and it was the eruption of Longonot," explained Kuria Jacob, a resident.

The mountain was last erupted in the 1860s.

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