Justina Syokau big butt sxy figure

According to gospel artist Justina Syokau, she is saving a lot of money to have cosmetic surgery to enlarge her butt to be like that of Vera Sidika.

In an interview with radio personality Mwende Macharia, Justina acknowledged that her backside is large but argued that she needed surgery to enlarge it more because it is not enough to impress.

A surgical operation called liposuction employs a suction method to remove fat from certain body parts, such as the belly, hips, thighs, buns, arms, or neck. Additionally, liposuction contours (shapes) these regions. 

Ikae vizuri zaidi butt iko sawa lakini niongeze. Yangu ni iko kubwa, butt yangu ni kubwa, ni natural. The butt is good, but I want to add it to make it fit better. Nataka nitolewe mafuta kwa tumbo niweke huku. My butt is large, natural, and enormous. Lakini nataka niongeze.

The outspoken gospel singer went on to say that she envies Vera Sidika's big butt, but that having a fakely beautiful body like the socialite's isn't always a bad thing as long as it's used to bring glory to God.

Justina also stated that she plans to use her prosthetic booty to promote clothing after the procedure.

"Mi naweza itaka, watu wengi wanasemanga hawawezi taka shape kama ya Vera. Itumie bora uitumie ile shape ni nzuri kwa utukufu wa Mungu. Si navaa nguo naweza sell nguo sana nikiwa na ile shape.

Justina said that after failing to achieve her ideal body shape by eating and working out, she began saving for a Ksh3 million liposuction treatment.

"Nashinda gym na bado sipungui ile nataka. Because of this, kama kuna njia naweza toa mafuta, nafanya vizuri kabisa. Three million has been spent on liposuction that is placed exactly where it should be."

Justina emphasized that she would get liposuction done to improve her self-esteem rather than to attract guys.

Dry spell and chastity 

In a different interview, the controversial singer said that she had been practising celibacy ever since the end of her marriage.

Justina wedded in 2012, but their marriage disintegrated in 2013.

"Being single is fun because it gives you freedom, and it's been almost nine years since I left my marriage. Nilitoka na mtoto kijana nikaamua nyege kwanza niweke nje.  In an interview with comedian Consummator, Justina said, "Juu hii feeling imeniingiza kwa matatizo and I have whoever I need to take care of his obligations."

According to Justina, she made the decision to put her bodily desires on hold in order to focus on raising her kid and developing her music career.

Heri Kuwa Na Dry Spell kuliko Kujiingiza Kwa Majaribu Justina remarked, "Uende uzae na kimtu ujikute wewe ndio unalea peke yako.

In addition, she said, "Nimekuwa dry period kwa sababu naogopa kuingia kwa shida yengine."

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