Popular Vlogger Milly Chebby on butt surgery and weight loss surgery

Popular Vlogger Milly Chebby has announced her ambition to have cosmetic surgery to help her lose weight.

The mother of one claimed to be ready but has not yet decided which operation she would have to help her lose weight.

Weight loss surgery options

When the time comes, she will decide whether to have a gastric bypass (gastric balloon), 360 liposuctions, a butt lift, or breast implants.

" I'm getting ready. I will be heading for one of those you saw there shortly. Very soon indeed," she said.

The famous vlogger said that she has talked to doctors about her worries about the treatment and is confident it will work.

"I recently had my assessment. I asked about all I needed to know, including if there were any negative effects. I'm relieved that I'm finally mentally prepared to start the process," Milly stated.

She committed to telling her followers about the operation.

"I'll walk you guys through it," she said.

Milly will now imitate her closest friend, Jackie Matubia, who recently consumed a stomach balloon to aid with weight loss.

Jackie said that after consuming the balloon, she shed over 6 kg in only 2 weeks.

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