The pastor exorcising demons using an anointed kiss to women photo in Kenya


The video of an unconventional pastor passionately kissing a young woman in front of his congregation has shocked and amazed many people, who can't stop staring at it.

According to the reports, he said that he was exorcising demons from the woman's body by means of the "anointed kiss."

The supposedly sick woman was seen with her young husband, who looked uncomfortable when the man of God kissed her while she was standing on the platform.

She would physically tremble every time the pastor kissed her in front of the indoctrinated worshippers who were watching intently.

People have talked about the video on Twitter, and most of them say that the pastor is abusing his position of power by using the pulpit in an inappropriate way.

One Twitter user stated, "Madam Ida Odinga argued for control of churches... they claimed she is against God, and they shared Mama Ida Odinga's beliefs that churches should be regulated." Mama Ida Odinga has called for the regulatory oversight of religious institutions.

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