Eve Mungai pregnancy or disease

YouTuber Mungai Eve's tummy has been mistaken for a baby bump far too many times, leading to pregnancy rumours.

Every time a rumour spread that she was pregnant, the content creator came out to deny it.

Eve recently made the decision to put an end to rumours and assumptions that she was expecting by explaining what makes her abdomen resemble a baby bulge.

She said that she has been dealing with a health problem that makes her stomach swell up a lot. Because of this, people often think she is pregnant.

Eve disclosed that she was struggling with H. pylori and gastritis.

A range of ailments with one element in common—inflammation of the stomach lining—are together referred to as gastropathy. Most often, infection with the same bacteria that most commonly result in stomach ulcers or constant use of certain painkillers is what causes gastritis inflammation. 

When H. pylori bacteria invade your stomach, you get helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection. 

"It seems that some of my admirers are genuinely hoping to see me pregnant. I said that despite treatment, I have always struggled with gas and that it recently worsened after I was given a food poisoning diagnosis." 

Now tell everyone in my DM  'Eve ni mimba ata mimi time nilikuwa nayo I felt that way'. Lol. "Everyone is wishing me good luck since the problem at hand is gastritis/ulcers and H Pylori," according to Mungai Eve. Director Trevor, Eve's boyfriend, said on social media that the YouTuber was taken to the hospital on Friday, October 28, 2022.

Trevor's message said, "Quick Healing To You My Love, You Will Get Well Soon."

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