Detective Jane Mugo thighs cute photo
Detective Jane Mugo

After being deeply involved and engaged in a relationship for four months, Detective Jane Mugo is now back to being single.

In a long Facebook post explaining her choice, the celebrity investigator said that after she announced her engagement, other women came to her and told her that their boyfriends had also promised them marriage.

"I got congratulations from my fans, media streams, foes, family, and friends when I announced my engagement in July. You all have my utmost respect. On the same day, four ladies from the USA—Pokot, Kitale, and Kisumu—sent me terrible texts, alarming photographs, and DMs. Because this person had fooled them online and made marriage promises, and given that he was abroad and had never met them, they were all resentful but genuine to me.

The internet celebrity took the decision to disregard the allegations made by many women because she was determined to make her relationship work.

Detective Jane Mugo thighs cute photo

She decided to break up with her fiancé when his close relatives quickly backed up what she said.

"All of this occurred when I was confined to a hospital bed after my kidnapping. Later, I joined campaigns, which kept me busy, but we kept in touch every day. He completed it online. I decided to disregard them since I was adamant about keeping my marriage together. He returned to the country earlier this month. He hasn't changed, according to his classmates, neighbours, and mum (my mother-in-law)", she said.

Jane said that because of her fiancé's falsehoods and hollow promises, she would not be able to ignore the individuals who were directly or indirectly impacted by their relationship.

"To me, it's not about my happiness, but I respect hearts, and you can't injure your own mother, ex-wives, blood children, lie about your work, treat me like a queen while a lady is sobbing, and expect to live. I'm respectable," she continued.

As she continued to pray for a God-sent spouse, the private eye revealed that she would return her ring and other gifts from the young guy.

Detective Jane Mugo thighs cute photo with her new man
Detective Jane Mugo with her date.

"I'm affirming that I'm #SINGLE, active, content, and not looking. I'm sending back the ring and all of the presents. It is not worthwhile to fight for it. You still say you respect and love me. Thank you, KDF family, for being honest with me and letting me know that a teacher is not one of you. I appreciate the honesty of my supporters and the Pokot people. I appreciate your effort, Steve, my brother-in-law.

"Thank you to everyone who provided me evidence; this month, I was able to affirm that everything was done out of love for me. Social media is influential. Let's stand up and help the community and God. A narcissist may be a person. I asked God to provide me with a spouse, but the Devil sent this," she said.

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