Dr Alfred Mutua with SPM Buzz reporter Liz Jackson  photo

Last week, Alfred Mutua made headlines when it seemed like they were exchanging phone numbers. 

Kenyans were left in shock after a video surfaced online showing the new cabinet secretary for foreign affairs giving SPM Buzz reporter Liz Jackson his contacts.

Following that popular video, there were a ton of comments on social media, with the majority claiming that Alfred, who has been alone ever since he and his ex-girlfriend Lillian Ng'ang'a split up, had finally found love.

Dr Alfred Mutua with SPM Buzz reporter Liz Jackson  photo

Odhiambo, a netizen, had the following to say about young Liz Jackson: "This is being watched by the present boyfriend, na hakuna kitu atafanya." 

"It has always been rigged to win." In the meantime, controversial podcaster Andrew Kibe examined how Alfred Mutua had been "d**k-driven" before approaching Liz to gain her number.

However, Alfred Mutua has maintained his composure ever since the viral video and has continued to conduct business for the African continent and the government.

Meeting after meeting with his overseas counterparts has kept the CS busy.

Since the video's release a few days ago, Mutua has met with ambassadors and high commissioners from over ten African nations, including China, Kuwait, South Korea, Germany, and South Korea.

She is a teenage reporter for Stage Presence Media (SPM) Buzz, a website that covers both cultural and governmental events. 

The gap-toothed cutie also co-hosts a YouTube podcast with comedian Eddie Butita called Friends Vibes.

After informing a local publication that he was testing the dating scene back in September, Alfred Mutua gave the impression that he was prepared to take the place of his former Lillian Ng'ang'a.

"I'm meeting a lot of fascinating folks," he declared. Despite his unsuccessful love for Lillian, Mutua is not cynical. Although he is eager to wed once more, he is not under any pressure to do so.

He says, "If you meet someone and fall in love and click, then you can marry them."


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