Diamond Platnumz photo on Wasafi Airline

Diamond Platnumz launched Wasafi Air, his own airline. Yesterday, the musician and other WCB signatories went to a red carpet-event where his new child was introduced.

On the carpet, posters with the phrase "Wasafi Air" were written. The airline employees will wear bright green scarves with their purple uniforms as part of their cabin crew costumes.

Zuchu and Rommy Jones were among the renowned people who attended the event with Diamond.

Leo tunasafiri was written beside a picture of an aircraft that Diamond also posted (today we are travelling).

Diamond revealed his ambitions to start the airline in August.

He said on Metro FM's "The Touch Down" program, "I went into music, then built a record label, a TV station, a radio station, a betting firm, and now I'm preparing to launch an airline named Wasafi Air."

He went on to claim that he had also bought a helicopter, which was still being delivered to Tanzania, the country of his birth.

"I just acquired a helicopter. I just purchased it, but it takes time. After four weeks, I was informed that Tanzania will host it."

Diamond's helicopter would be able to fly at night, unlike most of them, he said.

"It belongs to the airline. The helicopter I purchased will be the first night-flying model in East Africa. Only a few of them can fly at night."

According to the website Pilot Teacher, when helicopters must fly into isolated and dark areas of the region, the pilots lose their visual cues for where the horizon is, which causes a problem because they will not know which way is up. On moonless nights, it can also be difficult to distinguish between the ground and the sky.

The musician said that he bought the plane so he could help people in times of trouble.

It is a managerial one. In the event of an emergency, it will be available. "We sometimes need to consider others as well as ourselves. Thoughts that we purchase these items for luxury are unfounded."

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