Akothee with her Swiss husband Dennis alias Omondi
Akothee and Dennis

Akothee has chosen to file a defamation of character lawsuit against Lucy, 37, for her claim that the singer started a relationship with her "husband."

Before the mother of five fled with the Swiss, Lucy allegedly introduced Omosh and Akothee.

On Wednesday, November 2, 2022, Akothee said during a Milele FM interview that she is challenging Lucy to teach others a lesson.

"You already know that Kenyans will confess to me when the decision is announced. I am so naive. Nampeleka Kotini must be aware, after all, it is all false pretense and defamation. We have all the proof, and I am completely innocent. And she'll learn from this one," she said.

Akothee is suing the Mombasa woman for defamation of character and a separate claim that Lucy stole money from Bonfire Adventures by making up a story about her Swiss fiancé. Akothee says that her Swiss fiancé is the victim of this theft.

Earlier than meeting Akothee, Lucy was arranging Omondi's trip to Kenya. The Mombasa woman is said to have gone to Bonfire Adventures, cancelled the Swiss couple's trip, asked for their money back, and then kept it for herself.

According to Akothee, Lucy cancelled Omondi's reservation after he informed her that he wouldn't be seeing her in Kenya since he had started dating the singer.

"Kwanza anadaiwa na bonfire you've seen? Aliiba pesa ya mgeni ya safari na akaenda kudanganyana huko kwamba wageni sasa hawakuji the moment Omosh alimwambia 'I'll be coming to Kenya, but I will not be meeting you because I am not alone anymore'. Hujaelewa kizungu kama mwanamke? 

"You become proud. Omosh alishtuka dem alienda akachukua pesa kutoka kwa Bonfire na akaenda akasema wageni wahakuji tena there's an emergency. How can someone think like this? Huyu alikua business partner alikua wife ama alikua nani?" Akothee said.

A second angry attack by Akothee against Lucy claimed that she was simply pursuing Omondi's money. She told the Milele FM hosts about a text message that Omondi sent Lucy and how she begged him to stop.

"We wish you well, Lucy. I want you to know that I don't appreciate your continuous calls and texts, to be more specific. Please continue, "Part of Omondi's communication to Lucy was read.

"I appreciate your reply, Dennis (Omosh). I'm trying to move on, but you are aware of my financial situation. Please provide me with transport from Nairobi to Nanyuki, "Part of Lucy's response to Omosh was read.

Lucy sent a text to Omondi asking for money. In response, Akothee called Lucy a 37-year-old materialistic broke woman who still lived with her mother.

"And do you know how old she is? 37. Si ameamua kuchafua bwanangu jina, mimi ndo mchafuaji. 37 years old you are still living with your mother alafu unaenda kuibia mzungu pesa zake za safari then you talk about you wanted to do business? You are talking about you introduced Akothee? Akothee ni nani? Unakutana wapi na Akothee superstar? Mimi superstar unakutana na mimi wapi?" Akothee said

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