Chege Njuguna wins Kandara seat by-elections

In the upcoming Kandara seat by-elections, Chege Njuguna will stand for the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

Chege came out on top of 13 other candidates during the nominating process that took place on Saturday, receiving 7,826 votes.

Titus Mbuchu came in second place with 5,335 votes, followed by Injinia Stephen Mwaura with 4,414 votes. Injinia Stephen Mwaura finished in third place overall.

Maina Kamau, who served as Mwangi wa Iria's deputy during his time as governor of Murang'a, received 2,191 votes, while Waithira Muithirania, a media figure, received 1,267 votes.

During the general elections, Waithira competed for a women's representative post with the Jubilee Party but was unsuccessful in her bid. Betty Maina, a member of UDA, won the position instead.

Njuguna, on the other hand, ran for Member of Parliament with the Chama Cha Kazi party and came in second, behind Alice Wahome, who is now the Water Cabinet Secretary and was the Member of Parliament before Njuguna.

Several of the candidates have said that they don't like the idea that Wahome would rather have someone else on the ticket.

The previous week, Wahome said that the party was eager to hold the seat when he was in the area to inaugurate a tree planting campaign that would see people plant 20 million trees over the next five years. Wahome was there to begin the program.

Wahome stated that locals know what her stance is, but underlined the necessity for people to vote for a progressive leader without openly identifying her favorite candidate.

She explained her position by saying, "You know, I was elected in via the UDA party, and the administration does not want to let go of that seat."

Anthony Mwaura, the chairman of the National Elections Board, recently met with the candidates and gave them his word that the nominations process would be open to public scrutiny and carried out in a way that is both free and fair.

Despite the fact that there were around 105,148 voters registered to participate in the election, the turnout was much lower than expected.

After experiencing some difficulties spreading it out, it didn't start on some stations until after 10 o'clock in the morning.

On Friday, a member of the party's elections board named Salome Baiko gave people the assurance that the activity would begin at seven in the morning, and that the results would be released before the day was through.

Baiko said that problems started early on Saturday morning when more clerks showed up than were needed for the party.

During the by-elections that are scheduled to take place on January 5 of the next year, Chege will compete against around 26 other candidates.

Because of the prominence of the party in the area, the nominations will almost certainly decide who will be elected to the position of MP.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party was victorious in the general elections held in the Mt. Kenya area and was able to secure all seven parliamentary seats, as well as the roles of senator and governor in Murang'a County.

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