Gospel Singer Daddy Owen wants Kienyeji wife
Gospel Singer Daddy Owen

Kenyan gospel musician Daddy Owen, whose real name is Owen Mwatia, recently said that he was hoping to be married once again, but this time, he was seeking a straightforward rural lady, also known locally as a "kienyeji."

In a local daily interview, Daddy Owen said that many women had asked him to marry them and that his social media inboxes were full of messages from them.

"So far, the feedback has been ludicrous! I've received a ton of applications. I can say more than 3,000 because, as you can imagine, my social media inboxes on Facebook and Instagram have been inundated with thoughtful comments. In addition, the media has been conducting more on-air phone calls and recordings, and they have informed me that they receive more than 400 calls each day from women looking for me, " said Daddy Owen.

A Kenyan politician is one of the 3,000 women who have applied to be his bride, but Daddy Owen fiercely refused to say who she was or even what region of Kenya she was from.

He continued by explaining why, despite social media warnings that such women were notorious for abandoning partners once they mastered the social scene and the ins and outs of surviving and loving the city life, he still favoured finding a Kienyeji bride.

"Hello, ni kusema tu! I haven't seen a good example of this occurring elsewhere. I told them that I knew the kind of woman I was talking about, so they could give me an example of a couple who broke up and then started dating again right away."

"She was given a makeover and subsequently dumped the guy; therefore, they should produce proof that they had one," said Daddy Owen.

"First and foremost, I would want a lady with a "box" hairdo, ameshika handkerchief kwa mkono, who never takes it off no matter what she is doing, who fears God, and who has a dark complexion. I now like dark-skinned women," said Daddy Owen.

Daddy Owen says that if such a reality show were made, he would be able to show how born-again people (men) choose wives instead of going there to get into trouble, which is what happens on most popular reality shows about finding a partner around the world.

Finally, the Bible states, "Whoever finds a bride..." so how do you go about doing that? Finding comes after looking. You must look around!

"The claim that God gives you the bride is not made elsewhere in the Bible. Inakwanga wewe mwenyewe must be located. A reality TV program is perfectly OK, and it would even be a really effective method to teach people how to choose a lady who is a Christian," according to Daddy Owen.

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