Jacinta Muthoni says her kids want rape her photo

A 60-year-old mother who had seven of her sons try to rape her now lives in dread in Embu.

Jacinta Muthoni, a mother of nine who hails from the Embu West community of Kathangari, lives in a home with her eight children, seven of whom are adult boys whom she claims are mentally ill.

The last child to be born to the mother is the family's eighth son, who is in sixth grade right now.

She says that her only daughter, who is also mentally sick, has gotten married in the neighborhood.

Muthoni claims that her seven adult sons, who live with them in a wooden home, have been breaking into her room at night to try to rape her under the leadership of her 40-year-old oldest son.

She claims she can't remember how old the other kids were, but they are all adults now.

"Living with my children and working to provide for them while I'm unemployed has been challenging." She replied in sobs, "These kids have been trying to rape me, so it's gotten really unsafe."

She went on to say that her late spouse, who passed away two years ago, also had mental health issues and that he used to wander the markets picking up trash.

She is now begging the police and well-wishers for help so she can get her mentally disabled child to the right medical facilities.

She also hopes that someone will construct her a good home so that she may spend the night away from her children.

"I'm asking well-wishers to help me construct a home so that I may spend the night away from my adult children. They (the kids) had previously attempted to rape me," Muthoni sobbed.

Grace Ngaraci, a leader in the area, said that the sad situation calls for the government to get involved.

"We are requesting assistance. She noted that due to the difficulties this woman is going through, she may also be suffering psychologically.

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