Government to give Chiefs five Police officers each ~ Interior CS Kithure Kindiki

In an effort to strengthen the local administration, the government has promised to send at least five police officers to the chiefs by the end of the next year.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki said that all 3,950 chiefs and their 9,043 assistants nationwide will be given the police officers in an effort to promote law and order in their government on Thursday at the Mtwapa Location chief's office in Kilifi County.

According to CS Kindiki, "We are striving to reorganize ourselves between the National Government Administration Personnel (NGAOs) and the police to make sure, like it was previously, that every chief has police officers connected to them so they may be able to enforce law and order."

So, he told the State Department of Interior to work with the National Police Service (NPS) to get the idea done by January 2023.

As a result, the CS said that the government will support and strengthen the Chiefs while finding a balance to prevent a return of the nation to the time of infamous and all-powerful administrators.

He said that all administrators, including commissioners, will be given mandatory service charters outside of their offices and work schedules. This is to teach them how to do their jobs well and keep them from getting involved in partisan politics.

By helping them as they provide their services, he added, "We are going to enhance their working environment to make sure they offer security and are able to express government policy more clearly and more effectively."

As part of the changes, which will make their way up to the higher levels of district and county commissioners over time, the service charter will also have to be clearly displayed outside of their offices.

"We will stand with them and collaborate with them to ensure that we provide security," he said.

Because they are the government's eyes on the ground, we want to make sure our NGAOs have the proper conditions to care for residents.

CS Kindiki also said that the government planned to use money from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to build and equip standard chiefs' offices all over the country.

He also talked about a plan to monitor smart cars and traffic in Mombasa and other parts of the country. This would cut down on the number of police checkpoints.

The CS said that in order to make the area safer, they are working closely with community policing groups to find and break up criminal gangs and networks that are responsible for drugs and violence.

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