You must have at some point come across the late John DeMathew if you routinely browse social media platforms. 

Sarafina Demathew with her son photo

He was a Kikuyu benga and political musician, which helped him win the respect of his peers and Kenyans in general. He passed away three years ago, leaving behind his children and wife, Sarafina Demathew.

His wife recently wrote about their youngest kid on her official Facebook profile. She allegedly said how much she loves him and how she is so proud of him. By dubbing him Lenny Demathew, she declared her undying love for him.

Sarafina Demathew with her son photo

One of her fans noted that the boy wasn't John Demathew's and urged Kenyans to look closely at him to realize that he didn't match his father. When Sarafina asked whether the kid was hers, she looked upset by this and responded by trying to persuade them not to worry about it.

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