I Am Jesus Christ video game download now


There is now a video game that lets you play as Jesus.

The I Am Jesus Christ video game is the first ever "Jesus simulator." Players can act out the most famous miracles from the New Testament as the godlike Christian prophet.

As Jesus, players can use telekinesis to get better at carpentry, build up "Holy Spirit energy" to do miracles, make a wedding more fun by turning water into wine, heal a sick child by teleporting into his bloodstream, and avoid Satan's fiery ball in the desert.

According to the YouTube video, doing these kinds of things makes regular people happy.

"This wine surpasses the wine we previously drank!"

"They sob. "Thank you very much! You've come through for us!"

As of December 1st, a prologue to the game will be playable on Steam.

The prologue, which takes place in ancient Nazareth, is essentially a free, condensed version of the game.

Sometime in the first quarter of 2023, the whole version will be accessible.

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