lawyer Robert Asembo beats husband to his client over child support

On Wednesday, November 16, there was a tumultuous scene in the family division of the Milimani Law Court as a result of an attack committed by a city lawyer against a businessman who is being prosecuted by his divorced wife about child support.

Outside of the courtroom of the presiding magistrate, Robert Mbogo, the lawyer, Robert Asembo, who is defending the lady in this case, physically attacked the guy who had previously been married to his client with strikes and kicks.


The legal representative said that his client had been harmed as a result of the businessman's actions in inviting members of the media to cover the story.

The participants were slated to appear before Magistrate Mbogo for the trial in which Asembo's client, who is a government employee, is claiming more than Ksh600,000 in child support from the businessman.

A brawl broke out between the two groups while they were waiting outside the corridors.

Asembo, who had been head of the AFC and vice chairman of the FKF before the attack, left soon after the attack.

lawyer Robert Asembo beats husband to his client over child support


The businessman had planned to go to court about the issue, but something unexpected happened and his testimony was no longer needed, so the case was thrown out.

The lady claims that they were officially married for almost 20 years but that they divorced in January 2021 after living together for over 20 years.

She wants the court to order her former spouse to pay child support even though they are no longer together. She asserts that the dad has failed to live up to his parenting responsibilities by not adequately caring for his kid.

Meanwhile, the assaulted businessman has promised to file a complaint with Capitol Hill police about the incident. 

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