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Joyce Chepngetich, a mother of nine from Kuresoi North in Nakuru, can finally grin after well-wishers came in to offer her the necessary support. Her children were hospitalized over the weekend after consuming chameleons.

After the media brought attention to Chepng'etich's condition, Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika on Monday, October 7, promised her a county position.

According to Nicholas Kiplagat, the Kuresoi North Sub-county Administrator, the county manager had ordered the single mother to work at the environment department so that she could support her family.

"The lady has been ordered by the governor to work for the environment department in her hometown of Sirikwa, where she will live, in order to support her family." Additionally, the governor will cover her rent for three months before it becomes a good flow each month.

Additionally, the governor will cover her rent for three months before it becomes a good flow each month.

After the two children were released from the Molo Sub-county Medical Center on Monday, the governor also paid their hospital bills. On the same day, they were permitted to leave the hospital.

In addition, the family got clothing and financial assistance from well-wishers who were moved by her tale.

In a previous interview, Chepng'etich said that after going without food for two days, the kids were compelled to eat chameleon and potato soup.

The only parent of nine children said that on that tragic day, she had left the house to hunt for manual labor jobs to support the family when their older brother made potato and chameleon soup for them.

"My kids were OK when I left in the morning. "We had nothing in the home, so I told the oldest to watch after the others while I went seeking for food," said Chepng'etich.

"I had to look for something else because I couldn't find the part-time work I wanted."

The two brothers were on the floor moaning in anguish when she got home in the evening.

While tending to the youngsters who were in great discomfort, Chepng'etich said she was astounded to see two chameleon heads on the ground.

After they spent the whole day wailing from hunger, the oldest son revealed to mom that he had made chameleon soup for them.

"He said that he had to give the chameleons to them since they had been whining and wailing all day," stated the mother.

With the help of her neighbors, the mother took her kids to a private hospital in Molo before taking them to Molo-Sub County Hospital for more specialized care.

"Both youngsters, who were two and four years old, were treated for food poisoning," according to hospital medical staff.

Chepng'etich begged for money to support her family, claiming there was no food available.

"I beg everyone to assist me. I have nothing to eat. I don't make enough money from my everyday employment to support my family. I make Ksh 200 each week, which I spend on food and other expenses, but it is insufficient for us," so Chepng'etich asked for help.

The lady is reportedly in need, and her neighbors have appealed to anybody who can help the young mother care for her family despite the fact that none of the kids attend school because of financial difficulties.

"This mother is having difficulty providing for her kids." "She leaves the home extremely early and only comes back at night to seek food for them," according to Janet Keter.

"We have assisted where we can as neighbors, but we are now pleading for well-wishers to assist her." "She is experiencing a lot."

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