New Life Pastor Ezekiel says Dera, Wristbands are demonic... Dera ni ya mpango wa kando
Pastor Ezekiel Odero on wristband and Deras in Church and at home

After Pastor Ezekiel instructed his congregation to stop wearing wristbands, Kenyans on social media voiced their differing views.

According to the man of God, bracelets are the primary factor in unhappy marriages. In addition, Ezekiel said that deras, or free clothes worn by women, were "demonic" and were worn by side girls who broke up marriages.

He previously advised women in his church with dreadlock hairstyles to replace them because, according to him, it prevents them from getting married.

Evangelist Ezekiel of New Life Church set lips churning when he said that wristbands are to blame for the majority of broken marriages.

Deras and bracelets, according to Pastor Ezekiel, are demonic.

Amid his sermon during a previous service at his Mavueni Church, Ezekiel paused to speak with a guy who appeared to be in the midst of a marital conflict.

The preacher began preaching after he noticed a Kenyan bracelet on the worshiper's left hand.

Pastor Ezekiel in Mavueni New life

The man of God also discussed deras, which are women's free dresses, and claimed they were improper attire.

"Any man with that wristband huwa ndoa yake inamsumbua," he said.

"Yeyote aliye na hio wristband hata kama ni mheshimiwa, ndoa yake inamsumbua ni kutangaza hawatangazi," Ezekiel insisted.

"There's nothing you'll put on that will never dictate your life. Any man with that wristband, please talk to them. Kuna moto inawaka pahali...pengine imewaka imeteketeza kila kitu na sana huwa inachoma bedroom."

When he asked another woman in the congregation who had a bracelet about her marriage, she replied, "Iko (It's) funny."

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