Man pretending to be a Woman arrested for sodomy

A male teenager from Lusaka's Mtendere East Township impersonated a woman, just like in the well-known Robin Williams film Mrs Doubtfire, and utilized the false identity to obtain employment as a nanny.

Christopher Mukutigwa, 29, pretended to be a woman for five months by continuously donning cosmetics and attire appropriate for women and working as a nanny for two boys with ages ranging from one year and six months to five.

However, Christopher's genuine identity was revealed when he purportedly tried to sodomize a minor at his current workplace, unlike the sympathetic Mrs Doubtfire, whose goal was to serve as a maid at his ex-wife's so that he could devote more time to spending time with his children.

The suspect, who was dressed as one usually does for women, was captured last night and transferred to Kalikiliki Police Station, where he is being held while police look into the situation.

Man pretending to be a Woman arrested for sodomy

Rae Hamoonga, a police spokeswoman, confirmed Mukutigwa's arrest and that the suspect is still being locked up pending trial.

The alleged botched sodomy occurs at a time when the public is concerned about the welfare of boy children due to an upsurge in incidences of indecent assault that have been recorded.


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