Man Who Pretended To Be A Lady To Steal From Men

According to reliable sources, there is a guy who has been impersonating a beautiful woman in order to seduce men and profit from them. There is still debate among many people over the man's motivation for acting so creatively and creating a woman's body for himself.

Per the sources, the cunning guy in question was detained for impersonating a stunning woman and robbing innocent males who believed him to be a woman. 

When the police ordered him to strip, they discovered that they were quite certain he was a guy who was pretending to be a woman. 

About 57 men have definitely recognized him as having deceived them, with 22 of them saying they were caught in his trap more than three times.

Numerous individuals have responded to this situation in a variety of ways. Below is a demonstration of a few of the responses.

Man Who Pretended To Be A Lady To Steal From Men

The man from Kampala has been soliciting money and other favours from other Men. 

Musonga said, "There are times when people blame women and society for nothing. Have you not witnessed the same cops removing women's clothing? You are the voice, so start preaching against male rights violators. Don't use prejudicial tactics; men choose to act timidly, after all."

As a response, Tmusa Kasereka said, "Hon Nsereko's law is intended to address this, and there's no doubt that whoever captured the video did so without any censorship at all and with the subject's consent, regardless of the crime he was involved in."

Man Who Pretended To Be A Lady To Steal From Men


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