Popular city wash wash businessman Madollar Mapesa dumped by his girlfriend over deals

Madollar Mapesa, a well-known wash-wash businessman in the city, is in a lot of emotional trouble because his beautiful girlfriend Tasha broke up with him to be with another man.

Madollar Mapesa with his Girlfriend Tasha photos

Madollar lashed out at Tasha for abandoning him on Monday via his Instagram account, despite the fact that he had spent a significant amount of money to treat her like a queen.

He recounted how he used to treat her to lavish dates and tend to her fundamental needs, such as footing the bill for the 30,000 Kenyan shillings that was her monthly housing rent.

Madollar Mapesa with his Girlfriend Tasha photos

He said bad things about her ex-boyfriend and bragged that he couldn't keep up with him financially.

It looks as if Madollar's internet rants had no effect on Tasha at all.

She has been bragging about her new beau and showering him with compliments every chance she gets.

She has written "My delight" and "I am pleased I discovered you" in one of the entries on the page.

Madollar Mapesa with his Girlfriend Tasha photos

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