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Gamariel Mbonimana quit his job as a member of the Rwandan parliament on Monday after he was criticized for driving while drunk.

On Tuesday, Mbonimana told President Paul Kagame that he was sorry for quitting and that he was going to stop drinking.

He said on Twitter that if Mr. Kagame saw fit, he would be dedicated to fulfilling whatever position was given to him.

"I apologize to the President of the Republic and the entire people from the bottom of my heart," he added.

"It was inappropriate of me to operate a vehicle while intoxicated. In this case, I've made the decision to stop drinking. Accept my request. I promise to carry out any additional responsibilities if given the chance."

Rwanda's New Times said that Mbonimana had been caught for breaking traffic laws with a couple, but he kept getting away because he was a member of parliament and was therefore safe.

According to the New Times, "His resignation followed President Paul Kagame's worries about a politician whose name often surfaced in police records for drunk driving but was always allowed to go because he had immunity as a member of parliament."

Mboinimana, however, informed the media that he quit for personal reasons that he would make public, not because he had been drinking and driving.

In an interview, he remarked, "There will come a moment when I speak about it, but for now I am not talking about it."

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