Samidoh in the United States

 Samidoh and his baby mama have had a difficult week, and it seems that their drama will never end.

The musician is now in the United States and has been flaunting his moves on social media. He is said to be traveling alone. Later, Karen was seen with him in the same places.

Many have speculated that she went there to check up on Samidoh after reports of his infidelity appeared online. Aside from that, Samidoh often finds himself having to respond to critics and trolls who are not allowing him any breathing room over his connection with Karen.

Fans of Samidoh are perplexed as to what he wants as a result of the enigmatic note he left. His supporters still don't understand what he meant.

Samidoh is "worth it," Karen Nyamu stated, and she immediately took off to go confront him when rumors of him with Bernice surfaced. Many people also questioned what Edday, the primary wife, was doing while the two sidewomen fought for her husband.

"Unaweza kuwa asali yes Lakini me nataka chang’aa!😝" He said. The questions now remains, who is the asali and who is the Chang'aa.

Now that we know she's been watching, she appears to have hinted that she, too, will be attending the party in America. Edday appears in an Instagram image wearing an "I Love NY" sweatshirt and may even look to be in New York. She added a provocative quotation to the post that read, "What you do today may enhance all your tomorrows."


Just last week, rumors surfaced that Samidoh had moved in with a Kenyan lady living in the US while on his American tour. Pictures of him and the curvy lady known only as Bernice, who is said to travel with Samidoh to every location where he plays, have surfaced. Samidoh's US trip is said to have been financed and organized by Bernice.

The Samidoh, Edday Nderitu, and Karen Nyamu scandals are undoubtedly some of the worst. Where, however, did it all start?


Let's continue where we left off. While his wife was at home alone with their children during the 2020 December celebrations, the playboy Mugithi singer Samidoh was openly cheating on his wife with Karen Nyamu in Dubai.

Samidoh could be seen cracking jokes with a giggly Karen in a selfie video taken while on a boat ride. While laughing aloud at his jokes, Karen herself rested her head on his shoulder. Samidoh also looked to be holding Karen's shoulder with his hands. A sensational storm was sparked by the footage. But it was only the start.

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