Cute big booty Sanapei Tande photos and husband

Sanapei Tande, a renowned vocalist, said she will not mind if her partner drools over another lady as long as he doesn't reciprocate.

The 37-year-old singer says she acknowledges that men will always cast steamy glances in the direction of other women, regardless of how attractive their partners are.

She hasn't released a new song in the past year due to her busy schedule.

In that sense, if you happen to be a man in Tande's love life, she won't take offence if she sees you making seductive eye contact with another woman. But be cautious, she advises.

"Such is a common occurrence; it is typical of guys to act in that way."

" You need to be aware of that. There is nothing wrong with looking, but if you do something about it, war will break out, " she said.

"I won't prevent you from looking."

Cute big booty Sanapei Tande photos and husband

" Look as much as you like, then relax. If necessary, fantasize about what you see; nonetheless, resist the need to take action. I mean, even women scrutinize men. She continues, "We have feelings too."

Sanaipei also claims that following her public breakup with former singer Manga more than 15 years ago, she learned her lesson to keep her personal life private.

She has since been in two other relationships, both of which are private.
Sana claims she is more of a free thinker when it comes to the kind of male she prefers.

"When I see it, I recognize it.

" There are several attributes, for example, when we discuss a good listener: a man who respects himself, you, and individuals from various social strata. I also place a lot of value on family, so if you are having problems with your clan, that's kind of a warning sign."

" However, I am aware that there are some unusual circumstances, and if that is the case, then that is different."

Sanapei is well aware of the damage done to her singing career since she began her acting career two years ago. She claims that she made the decision to focus a lot more of her energy on acting, which she is now enjoying.

The singer of Chaguo La Moyo has worked in the entertainment business for almost 20 years.

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