Jeshi la Polisi  Tanzania picha yake. Tanzania Police


Tanzanians are trending again for mistreating Kenyans using their courts and security authorities. Abel Mutua, a vlogger, said that a man named Fredrick Omondi has been looking for justice without success.

Abel Mutua On his YouTube channel, Omondi talks about the pain and unfair treatment he got in Tanzania after he lost his job and was called a thug without any proof.

On Abel Mutua's YouTube channel, Fredrick's tragic tale is told. As a result, Tanzanians have mistreated Kenyans who work there. Kenyans asked the embassy in Tanzania if similar actions could be stopped.

"Not many people can endure threats and blackmail as the man did, but what good is an embassy if it can't get justice for its citizens? Those individuals have failed Kenyans in the third zone. "

"Information that a Kenyan named Fredrick Omondi is going through hell in TZ. He wants the foreign affairs representative in TZ to show up to the court hearing on November 4 since he is being wrongfully charged," Abel Mutua said.

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