Arap Uria in Qatar seeking to meet Peter Drury

After his tweet went viral, content producer Arap Uria, who is known for lip-syncing expert football pundit Peter Drury, got mixed feedback on social media.

In the tweet, Arap posted a picture of himself holding a placard and saying that he wanted to meet the lyrical commentator while at the World Cup in Qatar.

"Hello, Peter Drury, it's Arap Uria. I am in Qatar, and I would like to meet you."

The YouTuber, who has over 380k followers, also mentioned Drury's fellow commenter Jim Beglin in his description. Beglin then said something, wishing him well and telling him that Drury was going to see him later today.

"I sent Peter a copy of your tweet. I hope everything turns out well for you. "Best of luck!"  Jim Tweeted.

"Peter will contact you tomorrow, Arap," Jim added. 


Hanging in for the dream moment in Qatar.  Kenyan Comedian Meshack Kiptoo Biwott aka Arap Uria aka the Peter Drury of Kenya has begged international football commentator Peter Drury to give him a chance to meet him.

Uria is currently in Qatar and has always wished to meet Peter Drury.


Arap Uria in Qatar seeking to meet Peter Drury

Peter Drury had a memorable voice commentary after Cameroon defeated Brazil in history. 

Peter Drury said, "Cameroon becomes the only African team to beat South American football power houses. Argentina 2 times world cup winner and Brazil 5 times winner. Vincent Aboubakar ensures there is celebration in Yaounde,Douala and beyond in the rest of Africa. What a Memorable night. "

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