Asad Khan Dead, What up Maxine Wahome?

Asad Khan, a rally driver, died days after an alleged attack. Khan passed away while undergoing treatment for the incident at Avenue Hospital.

The deceased's family members had earlier Wednesday appealed to members of the public for blood donations on his behalf since he was in critical condition.

He had first been brought to the HDU of the Nairobi Hospital with very deep incisions on the right ankle.

Asad Khan has been found dead, and it has been said that his girlfriend, rally driver Maxine Wahome, beat him.

Khan, who was also a rally driver, passed away on Sunday while seeking treatment for the incident at Avenue Hospital.

With very deep incisions on his right ankle, he had first been brought to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) of the Nairobi Hospital.

His health was very bad, so the family of the deceased had asked people to donate blood earlier on Wednesday.

"We ask that you remember him in your prayers and among your friends and well-wishers." 


The family released a statement stating that the medical staff at Avenue Hospital's ICU "needs 5 pints of blood category A or O for his continuous care."

Asad's girlfriend, Wahome, was set free on a cash bond of Ksh100,000 while the alleged assault was being looked into.

On December 12, 2022, she was taken into custody in his Kilimani flat when Asad's brother, Adila Khan, reported the event to the police after learning about it via the building's management.

According to a court document viewed by Citizen Digital, Asad had already been taken to the hospital when Kilimani Police Station officers arrived on the scene.

 Wahome was still there but seemed "disturbed" since several household items were scattered all over the floor and stairway.

The court record said, "On further inspection, one of the window pane glasses was damaged, as well as two door window pane glasses were also broken."

The respondent was transported to Kilimani Police Station and arrested for the offence of causing severe harm, according to the report.


 "The scene was recorded where forensic evidence, including blood stains and other objects, were gathered," it said.

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