Ex-Lamu senator Anuar Loitiptip in hospital photo

During a robbery that took place at the Globe Cinema roundabout in Nairobi, the immediate former senator for Lamu, Anuar Loitiptip, sustained injuries.

Anuar was robbed by a group of people who were thought to be criminals on the evening of Tuesday, December 20. Police saved him and took him to the hospital.

After the assault, he had injuries to his head and mouth, according to the police, and was brought to the Aga Khan Hospital for treatment.

Anuar lost an undisclosed sum of money in addition to several electrical devices, including mobile phones.

The former senatorial nominee was discovered bleeding by police officers who were out on patrol. 

He told the authorities that he had been assaulted by a gang that had also stolen from him.

Authorities think he tried to fight back against the group, which is why he got hurt. His injuries were not considered to be serious, but he did need medical attention.

Anuar said that he was assaulted at around 9:45 p.m. when he was going alone to a guest home in Ngara from the Central Business District. According to the police, this took place.

During the time of the occurrence, the former lawmaker was out and about on foot.
At night, the neighbourhood is considered one of the most hazardous areas.

 The victim is claimed to be doing well in the hospital, and the investigation into who was responsible for the assault is continuing, according to the police.

In the most recent round of voting for the seat, Joseph Githuku won against Anuar.
He had previously held the position of senator, representing Lamu for one term.

The head of the police force in Nairobi, Adamson Bungei, has said that an investigation is being conducted.

He said that dozens of police officers had been sent to patrol the estates and the area around them to deal with the threat. 

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