Ferdinand Omanyala wife Laventa Amutavi photo


Laventa Amutavi, the wife of Kenyan runner Ferdinand Omanyala, said that the couple first met in 2016 at a nearby athletic event.

Laventa Amutavi revealed how Omanyala got in touch with her at a Nakuru event where they were both promoting their own businesses.

"We actually ran into each other at the hotel. I was taking lunch with a friend, and he asked for my number. I told him to give me his, but I didn’t text him until we met again in December."

Laventa Amutavi, the wife of Kenyan runner Ferdinand Omanyala photo

"I was already in athletics in 2015 before he came, and when he joined in 2016, everyone was talking about him as the new kid. "I knew he was going far," she said.

Omanyala, who was just given a brand-new Toyota Harrier and is the fastest person in Africa, thanked his fiancee for helping him out when he was having trouble with money.


Laventa Amutavi also said that she was able to help the couple and their child after she got a job at the Mama Lucy Hospital in Nairobi.

"I want to give her everything so that she can reach her potential and see what she can achieve. She hasn’t been training full-time because of the job. I want her to return to the field as I give her motivation."

Laventa Amutavi, the wife of Kenyan runner Ferdinand Omanyala

"She always tells me I’m her role model, so I want to be there for her and support her. I want her to follow my steps," Omanyala said.

The couple will now begin Laventa Amutavi's career as a sprinter in the hopes that their 2-year-old will later take up the sport as well.  

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