Rally driver Maxine Muringo Wahome photo

According to his younger brother Adil Khan, rally driver Asad Khan is not really dead.

After a domestic altercation that resulted in his girlfriend, a rally star, being detained, Asad is in critical condition at the High Dependency Unit at the Avenue Hospital in Nairobi.

On December 14, 2022, rally driver Maxine Muringo Wahome was brought before the Milimani Law Court for purportedly abusing her partner, Asad Khan. 


She was freed pending investigations after posting a $100,000 cash bail.

Adil said, "My brother is alive, but he's in a severe situation."

After the horrific attack on Monday, according to Adil, his brother lost a lot of blood.

"Avenue Hospital transfused 10 pints of blood to my brother. We relocated him from the Nairobi Hospital so he could get A-positive," according to Adil.

Adil claims that Maxine hurt his brother on Jamhuri Day after she reportedly came home intoxicated from a dinner party she had attended on December 11th.

Adil said that "Maxine arrived home after a dinner party inebriated, and a severe brawl resulted, leaving him with significant head and leg injuries."

He said that it was obvious from the wounds his brother had that he had been attacked by other people who were in Maxine's company.

"Maxine was trained in rallying by my brother. "He has done so much for her family and helped her develop her talent," Adil added.

Maxine was detained by police on charges of serious harm but was later released on bail. She may get a life sentence if she is prosecuted and found guilty for the crime.

Adil promised his brother that he "would seek justice."

Maxine Wahome had previously been detained by police and appeared in court. She was given a Sh100,000 cash bail.

Since the administration of Preston Court, where the lovers stay, called him on Monday at approximately 1 p.m., Adil has interpreted the whole scenario as part of a malicious plot. 

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