Magarini police arrested for defilement

For reportedly defiling a child in Marereni, Kilifi County, a police officer from Magarini was detained.

The perpetrator will be charged in a Kilifi court on Monday after being detained by police officers affiliated with the AHTCPU, Mombasa, on Sunday night.

According to a police statement, the officer will face defilement charges.

The report stated, in part, "The offence was perpetrated against one S.R.F., age 16, on several dates in September 2021."

Following months of protests over the suspect's detention in Malindi by GBV activists, the culprit was finally taken into custody.

The campaigners protested the ongoing delay with a march in Marereni last month.

This comes after another teenager in the same neighborhood was molested by a police officer.

GBV activists have posted on social media to claim that the child who was violated has at last received justice.

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