Mike Mbuvi Sonko says forces block him from flying baby sagini to China
Mike Sonko.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko, who used to be the governor of Nairobi, is making claims right now that he can't help Baby Sagini Junior because of certain forces.

The image of Baby Sagini, who had been abused and had both of his eyes gouged out, went viral when he was discovered on a maize farm.

Sonko says that despite his best efforts to help, he has not been able to get close to the young person.

"Bad politics is being played about by certain dirty-minded politicians who believe I'm in this case for PR and political mileage," he tweeted.


These politicians believe that I'm involved in this issue for the sake of gaining political mileage.

According to Sonko, Baby Sagini failed to show up for two crucial meetings with a doctor named Kishor at the Westlands Laser Eye Hospital the previous week because of the "dirty games that were being played."

"We wanted the baby's review report to be forwarded to China so that we could start the process of flying him there for artificial eye implants," he added. 


"We wanted the baby's review report to be emailed to China so that we could start the process of flying him there."

The former governor gave the impression in a video that he had sent Baby Sagini and his sister a Christmas present consisting of a box containing various articles of clothing and footwear.

"Baby Sagini and his sister Shantel, who is seven years old, deserve the best wishes for the holiday season."


 "I am sending some tiny Christmas presents to them via Esnahs Nyaramba, a good Samaritan who is also helping out on the ground," he stated.

However, he said that despite the fact that the matter is being politicised and that he is being denied access to the youngster and his sister, he would continue to assist them.

Sonko seems to be implying that the complaints are the result of politicians in the lake area who now thinks its competition.  


However, sources claim that the county administration in Kisii have been stumbling block due to contrary affiliation with Azimio and Kenya Kwanza.

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