Zari Hassan woes

The claimed first wife of Shakib Cham Lutaaya, Nalule Shamira Sembatya, also known as Mimi Shakira, has accused Zari Hassan of stealing her husband from her.

Mimi, a Ugandan living in the USA, asserts that she married Shakib in June 2016 and obtained him a US visa in May 2017 as her spouse, giving him access to several privileges.

She claims, however, that Shakib decided to leave their legally bound Martial home to go with the more well-known and wealthy Zari.

After splitting up with Gk Choppa and starting to openly hang out with Shakib, Zari and Shakib publicized their relationship in 2022, admitting that they had been dating since that year.

Even a few weeks ago, Zari acknowledged that she had gone to see Lutaaya's parents to have their relationship legalized.

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