Junior Sagini, 3 in hospital photo

Junior Sagini, 3, had his eyeballs viciously gouged out by unknown attackers in Kisii County, and on Sunday Maureen Nyaboke, the boy's mother, made her first public appearance ever since that bizarre event.

According to police reports, 28-year-old Nyaboke left Sagini, 3, and her 7-year-old daughter in the care of their father and paternal grandmother.

She was at her job as a bartender in Nyamakoroto, Nyamira County, on Wednesday when the strange assault took place.

Additionally, it was the first time Sagini's mother had ever gone to the Kisii Eye Care Center, where her son has been adjusting to the harsh truth that he will always be blind after falling victim to his assailants while gathering water from a local river.

As Nyaboke was about to depart from the hospital, the police swooped in and detained her. 

She was then taken to Nyanchwa police station and booked under OB no. 33/18/12/2022 before being taken to Rioma police station for further interrogation.

Sagini's mother spent the rest of the night in police custody. On Monday, she was charged with being a bad parent and went to court.

A middle-aged man, a lady, and a third-grade kid from a nearby school have all been detained in connection with the event.

The three were questioned for ten hours before being freed on Sunday night.

Investigators searched Sagini's home in Ikuruma village for any other possible exhibit traces and took a metallic rod for examination.

Doctors did everything they could to save Sagini's sight, but it was too late.

They say he is ready for release, but they can't do it right now because the investigations are making the situation too dangerous.

Kisii County lacks a boys' rescue facility, which exacerbates the issue.

"Seeing how this infant was abused aches." The governor of Kisii, Simba Arati, replied, "We will take care of him and see to it that our rescue centre is stocked."

Residents of Ikuruma village, who are still in shock over the extent of cannibalism committed against them, claim they worry for the safety of their kids and have locked them up as Christmastime approaches.

On Monday, the police will continue their investigations as they question further witnesses and retrace Sagini's last few movements before being taken that terrible evening. 

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